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Poison Ivy – Seductive girl cosplay AI ART 4K

Come and check these gorgeous redheads wearing Poison Ivy cosplay from Batman DC! Enjoy!

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Poison Ivy is a popular supervillain character from the Batman comic books and other media adaptations. Her real name is Dr. Pamela Isley, a botanist who becomes a criminal after an experiment gone wrong.

Poison Ivy is usually depicted as a stunningly beautiful woman with flowing red hair and a green costume made of leaves or vines. Her appearance often reflects her botanical theme.

Poison Ivy is often portrayed as a seductive and dangerous villainess who uses her powers to manipulate and control others. Her abilities allow her to command plants to do her bidding, create deadly toxins from plant substances, and emit mind-controlling pheromones to influence those around her.

Poison Ivy’s character has evolved over time, and she has been portrayed with different motivations and alliances. Sometimes she teams up with other villains, such as Harley Quinn or Catwoman, while on other occasions she works alone.

Poison Ivy has appeared in various Batman adaptations beyond the comic books. She has been featured in animated series like “Batman: The Animated Series,” as well as live-action films like “Batman & Robin” (1997) portrayed by Uma Thurman

This is a realistic AI art made by us with Stable Diffusion (similar to Midjourney), upscaled to 4k with AI and final touch on photoshop. All models and photos were generated by AI.

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