Deadpool vs Dream Con 2023: Clash of Cosplay Costumes

Deadpool’s First Time at Dream Con!

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D-Piddy stars as Deadpool

• Camera: Ayakashi Guy

• Editing: D-Piddy
• Music: Musical Ghost – Gym Leader Battle Music [Hi-Tech Remix]

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Deadpool suit provided by RPC Studio

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25 thoughts on “Deadpool vs Dream Con 2023: Clash of Cosplay Costumes

  1. diego luna

    It's great to go back to the old tradition of deadpool being in comic con despite the strike. You did not miss the opportunity to bring us once again a good quality video! ❤👍⚔⚔⚔😁

  2. DunpeilDueliest69

    Hey D Piddy, LOL! That was such a fantastic and funny video, your videos always make me laugh and smile, my heart is filled with joy, love and happiness seeing all these amazing and beautiful cosplayers, everyone in the video looked amazing and awesome. Thank you so very much for the lovely video D Piddy and have a great day today. 😊 😊